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Product Development

Custom Product Development

Helios Development Ltd. goes above and beyond in providing our customers with the best service and high quality in manufacturing your custom designs. We minimize the risk of manufacturing your custom products in China.

Helios Development - Custom Product DevelopmentWe find the right partners, help you navigate China’s regional cities, and ensure you are making the most of the China opportunity. Through continuous collaboration and trusted, long-term relations with dozens of Chinese factories specializing in nearly every sort of manufacturing process for hardware, machinery and equipment, brass and metal industries, plastics, poly-resin, electronics and high tech–-as well as any combination thereof–we oversee the entire process in order to assure delivery of top-quality components and assemblies directly to your loading dock.

With over 19 years experience with Chinese manufacturers, we’ve eliminated the unpredictability and quality concerns. This experience allows us to deliver a total supply chain management solution for your China Manufacturing needs.

Our network of contacts runs deep, so we can quickly find and develop relationships with new manufacturers whenever there is a need. Because we know just how challenging it can be to identify where the best opportunities lie, we do the legwork, enabling you to focus on winning the business.

To speak with one of our Supply Chain Executives about manufacturing your products in China, simply call, email, or request a quotation today.

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