China Procurement

Strategic Partnerships

In today’s global economy, attaining a competitive edge is essential. Advanced technology and international trade agreements have thrown open global borders, exponentially expanding market opportunities. Yet the opportunity provided by a broader marketplace also brings greater competition.

Ensuring that your company receives the best possible price for inventory is as important as ensuring consistent product quality and on-time delivery to customers. Many companies are opting to fully outsource manufacturing to China in order take advantage of benefits offered in the Asian markets. Others source components from China in order to reduce production costs and develop strategic partnerships.

Independently locating and building direct relationships with global manufacturers is a learning process that involved potential costs and risks. Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. helps minimize these risks, serving as your representative to help you navigate the Chinese markets and build strategic partnerships with the right manufacturers for your company’s needs.

Advantages of China Sourcing

When it comes to manufacturing, China has significant advantages over other Asian countries. China’s manufacturing sector is equipped with a great infrastructure; the labor force is well-educated and experienced in delivering products that adhere to the rigorous standards required by Western legislation and consumers.

Helios Development – Strategic PartnershipsSourcing and manufacturing in China allows companies to free up dollars traditionally expended on labor and re-direct them toward sales, marketing, and business development. Reduced production costs frees Helios’ clients to focus on core competencies while still delivering quality at the best price.

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Superior service

While its low product costs are well-known, China’s service advantages are often underestimated. When small or medium-sized importers need labor-intensive, value-added services, Chinese suppliers and logistics service providers are more than capable of responding. The time may right for your company––together with Helios Developments (HK) Ltd––to explore sourcing in China and its service advantages. You may discover its an opportunity you can’t afford to pass by!