Manufacturing project

Gateway to Global Markets

Thinking about sourcing and manufacturing outside the borders can be intimidating. Yet today’s leading companies seize the abundant opportunities available in the global marketplace, and China’s manufacturing sector is a wealth of just such opportunity.

In the expanding global economy, markets are defined by rapid, shorter product life-cycles. The most successful companies work to capitalize on the advantages of sourcing from international partners to achieve significant cost savings and sustain a larger, more complex supply chain––along with the myriad of business relationships that come with it.

Successfully managing risk and achieving cost reduction requires something more than independent sourcing strategies. Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. offers a gateway and navigates your company toward securing excellent sourcing and manufacturing partnerships.

Maximizing Our Experience

Founded in 1994, we at Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. enable our clients to achieve competitive advantage and maximize profitability by sourcing, manufacturing, assuring quality control, and importing from China. Our extensive experience has established Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. as a leader in the global sourcing and manufacturing domains.

Navigating With Expertise

In order to facilitate its services, Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. has established a network of four offices in China’s core business hubs. All of these offices are wholly owned and operated by Helios with veteran English-speaking office managers and a committed Chinese staff to ensure the best and most trustworthy service for Helios clients. Our team oversees your project from start to finish so you don’t have to be there.

We provide a value-added service by accomplishing low cost while at the same time maintaining high quality and minimum risk. Our long-established relationships with China’s manufacturing hubs and dedicated team of experts work within the culture, speak the language fluently, and help you navigate the “ins-and-outs” of sourcing, manufacturing, and importing to China. Helios is able to assist with negotiating contracts and overseeing the entire process from start to finish––sourcing your products or components overseas to improve quality, control timelines, and assure effective product development in the Chinese market.