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Other Services

Other Services

Since its establishment, Helios Developments Ltd. has accumulated a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive services in sourcing from China. We possess the tools and experience imperative to conducting direct trade with leading suppliers.

Helios Development - Other ServicesHelios Developments Ltd. owns and operates 4 offices in China’s regional manufacturing cities. Our 19 years of experience in providing China sourcing services has equipped us with an extensive database that includes information on hundreds of factories, businesses, companies, suppliers, manufacturers, and thousands of available products made in China.

The emergence of regional cities and burgeoning consumer demand means that new opportunities continue to arise. Our full-time staff of highly skilled, English-speaking professionals takes a proactive approach in keeping well-informed of rapidly changing innovations, materials, methods, and technologies––each in his or her field of expertise.

As a result, Helios benefits from a high level of client retention by creating a strong sense of collaboration and cooperation with our customers.

From start to finish, we can manage all your sourcing and manufacturing needs. Our comprehensive menu of services includes:

• Sourcing of products, components, materials, semi-finished products, and turnkey projects
• Factory evaluation
• Contract negotiation
• Intellectual property and trade ethics
• Manufacturing
• Project Management
• Turnkey Projects
• Quality control and inspection services
• Shipping and delivery

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