Light Fixtures


Light Fixtures

Our line of lighting fixture products is extensive, but long-ranging experience in sourcing working with Chinese manufacturers providing us high quality products with CE, UL or ETL certification. Contact us and let us know how we can meet your company’s needs.

Led inner lighting

Applicable in all buildings, any size and Lumen strength available. Different types of lighting available. Applicable for office spaces, home spaces, washrooms and wash facilities, public venues, hotels, resorts etc.

  • LED Lamp
  • LED Batten
  • LED Spotlight
  • LED Down-light
  • LED Multiple down-light
  • LED Track light
  • LED Panel & Louver

LED outdoor lighting

LED outdoor lighting, applicable in all outside venues and public areas. Protected as well as unprotected all items are waterproof. Any size and Lumen strength available.

  • LED Flood Light
  • LED Underground Light
  • LED Underwater Light
  • LED Garden Light

Lighting poles

Lighting poles with or without lighting devices. Single armed, double armed, low and high armed. Different shapes and heights. Traditional LED street light as well as solar street light.

  • Roadway Lighting Poles
  • High Mast Lighting Poles
  • Traditional Street light
  • Solar Street Light and Solar Wing Hybrid