Whether working with large, long-established farms or sustainable agriculture projects in developing countries, Helios Developments Ltd. is able to position your company on the cutting edge of today’s agro-industry.

Our Project Management experience in developing nations like Angola, Nigeria, and Kenya render us not only uniquely equipped to work in any region around the globe, but also to facilitate progress toward the international Sustainable Development Goals of “achieving food security, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture”.

As your gateway to high quality, low cost buildings, equipment, tools, and machinery, Helios Developments Ltd. is able to provide for all your farming needs from seedtime to harvest––and cross-seasonal projects as well. Possessed of well-cultivated skills and access to an expansive array of manufactured products and equipment, our team serves as your development partner across all aspects of sourcing, supply, Project Management, and specialized logistics.


Three types of Industrial Chicken Coops are manufactured to house a high amount of laying hens and designed to meet your specifications for capacity and site conditions.


Fully automated robotic-line Dairy Farming equipment is designed for long-term milk and yogurt production, featuring milk receiving units, pasteurizing, and storage, as well as stirred yogurt pasteurization and processing, and bottle blowing units.




Whether establishing Poultry Operations, Dairy Farms, Greenhouse Projects, Hydro-Culture Operations, Irrigation or projects that supply communities with clean water, Helios is your source for light and heavy duty equipment, tools, warehouses, animal hold or other fencing products, slaughter houses, food processing production lines, power generators and much more!



Whether your project serves the hospitality industry or creates residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, Helios Developments Ltd. is highly experienced in sourcing low cost and high quality products, manufacturing oversight, strategic delivery, and Project Management.



Having constructed more than 15,000 apartments in Angola (including water and sewer infrastructure), residential housing projects in Congo and Haiti, exclusive office and hotel projects in Nigeria, and an electrical infrastructure system in the Dominican Republic, we are especially skilled and well-positioned to serve your company’s building and construction partner.

Our wide spectrum of access to high quality building and road construction materials includes: heavy machinery, power generators, scaffolding, permanent and temporary fencing, steel buildings and bridges, and even mining equipment. We also provide interior furnishings and equipment––residential, commercial, and industrial––from machinery, flooring, and cabinetry to tables, chair, and beds, and much more!

From blueprint schematics to breaking ground and all throughout the construction process, Helios comprehensively manages your project and supplies all the equipment, parts and components needed at each stage toward project completion. Our expertise in specialized, strategic logistics assures the parts and equipment are delivered when needed––according to your timeline!

Contact us for consultation and discover what partnership with Helios Developments Ltd. can provide for your construction project!



Since education is today’s key for developing tomorrow’s leaders, resilient communities, and growing economies, Helios Developments, Ltd. supplies everything needed for education and training school facilities across international boundaries––from buildings that house the classrooms, to educational implements and equipment. And we’ve accomplished projects in both developed countries and emerging nations.


Our Angola project constructed administration offices, the teacher’s room, and library, as well as supplying classroom furniture for all ages from nursery, pre-school and kindergarten to primary and secondary schools, indoor and outdoor playground and sports equipment.

Helios fully equipped Technical Schools in Lagos, Nigeria with all the tools and implements needed for skills training in carpentry, garment-making, auto repair, pottery-making, and shoe repair.

Our team’s skill, extensive experience, and expansive access to construction materials and manufactured equipment renders Helios Developments Ltd. your global “go to” source for a variety of Educational, Public, and Common Use Facility Projects––from building construction and modification, to furnishings, hardware, and educational tools.

We are able to supply all your project needs, including:

  • Dormitory Furniture designed especially for halls of residence and hostels
  • Laboratory furniture and equipment from pipettes, vials, flasks, to microscopes, sanitizers, electrodes, scalpels, to chemical and food processing equipment and even wind tunnels
  • Interior Furnishings (permanent and temporary), such as countertops, cupboards, sinks, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Storage and Archive Equipment for office spaces, institutions, meeting rooms, libraries, service areas

Helios Developments’ seasoned expertise extends well beyond educational facilities to those for public, common, and even correctional use. In Africa, Helios supplied a Correctional Facility with sanitary-ware, lighting, metal safety doors, gates, fences, and all furniture.

From resorts, hotels and restaurants for the hospitality industry, to hospitals and correctional facilities, Helios is able to manage your project from initial sourcing and construction, to strategic supply chain logistics, and furnishings for the final touches of project completion.

Tell us about your project and learn how Helios Developments Ltd. is able to provide value-added assistance and Project Management from inception to completion!