Helios Developments (HK) Ltd.

Since its establishment, Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. has accumulated a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive services in sourcing from China. We possess the tools and experience imperative to conducting direct trade with leading suppliers.

Our Services

Establishing Production Lines

Establishment and supervision of custom made systems according to customer specifications and requirements in a variety of industries.

Procurement Management

Procurement & Supplychain Management for clients working with a wide variety of suppliers in China.

Locating Suppliers & Manufacturers

Locating manufacturers according to customer requirements specifications and emphasizing on quality suppliers.

Logistics & Operations in China

In the world of supply chain, logistics is a crucial part that sometime determines the feasibility or viability of a project.

Supplier Audit

Quality Control

Factory coverage, quality assurance services in the production process, final quality control before assemble and delivery

Gateway to Global Markets

Thinking about sourcing and manufacturing outside the borders can be intimidating. Yet today’s leading companies seize the abundant opportunities available in the global marketplace, and China’s manufacturing sector is a wealth of just such opportunity.

In the expanding global economy, markets are defined by rapid, shorter product life-cycles. The most successful companies work to capitalize on the advantages of sourcing from international partners to achieve significant cost savings and sustain a larger, more complex supply chain––along with the myriad of business relationships that come with it.

Successfully managing risk and achieving cost reduction requires something more than independent sourcing strategies. Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. offers a gateway and navigates your company toward securing excellent sourcing and manufacturing partnerships.

Maximizing our

Founded in 1994, we at Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. enable our clients to achieve a competitive advantage and maximize profitability by sourcing, manufacturing, assuring quality control, and importing from China. Our extensive experience and reputation for quality service has established Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. as a leader in the global sourcing and manufacturing domains.

Navigating with

In order to facilitate its services, Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. has established a network of four offices in China’s core business hubs. All of these offices are wholly owned and operated by Helios with veteran English-speaking office managers and a committed Chinese staff to ensure the best and most trustworthy service for Helios clients. Our team oversees your project from start to finish so you don’t have to be there.

Helios Developments (HK) Ltd. maintains a network of four offices in China’s core business hubs. All our offices are wholly owned and operated by Helios with veteran English-speaking office managers and a committed Chinese staff to ensure the best, most trustworthy client services. From start to finish, our team oversees your project so you don’t have to be there.

By accomplishing low cost while at the same time maintaining high quality and minimizing risk, we achieve value-added client service. Having long-established relationships with China’s manufacturing hubs, our dedicated team of experts speak the language fluently, work within the culture, and help you navigate the “ins-and-outs” of sourcing, manufacturing, and importing to China.

Helios assists with negotiating contracts and overseeing the entire process from start to finish–sourcing your products or components overseas to improve quality, control timelines, and assure effective product development in the Chinese market.

Establishing Production Lines in China

Establishing or converting a production line in a factory in China requires careful planning and collaboration between the customer and the supplier. Helios can assist you in managing the technical and commercial dialogue with the manufacturing factory to ensure the successful transfer of production lines. Here’s how we can help:

1. Detailed Product Characterization:

Helios works closely with you to create a detailed and accurate characterization of your product. We help identify the specific product type, required technologies, and expected output based on your designated order backlog. By understanding your product requirements, we can effectively communicate them to the manufacturing factory, ensuring a clear understanding of your needs.

2. Supplier Characterization and Planning:

On the supplier’s side, we facilitate a characterization procedure to define the technologies and work methods that the supplier will use to plan the production line. We work closely with the factory owner to raise important points and formulate conclusions regarding the production line construction. By involving the supplier in the planning process, we ensure that their expertise and capabilities are aligned with your requirements.

3. Transportation Logistics:

Transportation logistics play a crucial role in the efficiency of the production line. Helios considers the means of transportation for raw materials, as well as the shipment of finished products from the factory. We collaborate with the supplier to optimize the transportation process, ensuring smooth material flow and timely delivery.

4. Planning and Construction of Production Line:

Based on the characterization and conclusions drawn from the technical and commercial dialogue, Helios assists in planning the actual construction of the production line. We work with the factory owner and the supplier to create a comprehensive plan that maximizes efficiency and minimizes potential disruptions. By focusing on a well-designed production line, we help the supplier achieve cost savings and operational efficiency, which ultimately benefits you with an attractive product price.

5. Technical and Commercial Dialogue Management:

Helios takes on the responsibility of managing the technical and commercial dialogue between you and the manufacturing factory. We act as a bridge, ensuring effective communication, transparency, and cooperation throughout the process. Our team facilitates the exchange of technical specifications, project milestones, and commercial negotiations, ensuring that your interests are represented and the viability of the production line transfer is maximized.

By leveraging our expertise and experience in managing production line establishment in China, Helios aims to optimize the process and help you achieve successful outcomes. We prioritize cooperation and transparency, working closely with you and the manufacturing factory to ensure a smooth transition and a viable production line that meets your requirements.

Procurement Management in China

Creating and maintaining a regular, stable, and quality supply chain in China can be a complex task, particularly when dealing with multiple suppliers scattered across different regions. Here’s how Helios can help you navigate these challenges and provide a comprehensive procurement management solution:

1. Locating the Provider:

Helios specializes in locating reliable suppliers in China. Through our extensive network and industry knowledge, we identify suitable providers that meet your specific requirements. Our team conducts thorough research, visits factories, and evaluates their capabilities to ensure they align with your needs.

2. Commercial Negotiation:

Negotiating with suppliers is a critical aspect of procurement management. Helios acts as your representative, leveraging our understanding of Chinese business culture and negotiation tactics. We negotiate on your behalf, covering aspects such as pricing, quantities, delivery terms, and contract terms, to secure the most favorable agreements for your business.

3. Certification and Approval:

Ensuring that your suppliers meet necessary certifications and regulatory requirements is crucial. Helios assists in verifying the supplier’s certifications, licenses, and other relevant documentation. We help you navigate the complexities of compliance, ensuring your suppliers meet the necessary standards.

4. Management of Production Orders:

Managing production orders is a key aspect of procurement management. Helios oversees the entire order process, working closely with suppliers to ensure adherence to timelines, specifications, and quality standards. We act as your liaison, providing regular updates and resolving any issues that may arise during production.

5. Quality Assurance throughout the Process:

Maintaining consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process is essential. Helios implements robust quality assurance measures, including inspection and testing protocols, to ensure that your products meet your specified requirements. We work closely with suppliers to monitor quality at every stage, from raw materials to finished goods.

6. Quality Control before Shipping the Goods:

Prior to shipment, Helios conducts comprehensive quality control inspections. Our experienced team performs physical inspections, verifying the product quality, quantity, packaging, and labeling. Any issues or discrepancies identified during the inspection are addressed with the supplier to ensure that only conforming products are shipped.

7. Logistics:

Efficient logistics management is crucial for a smooth supply chain. Helios handles the logistics process, coordinating with freight forwarders and carriers to arrange shipping, customs clearance, and delivery to your specified destination. We track shipments and provide updates to ensure timely and reliable delivery.

Closed Gates and Remote Management
In situations where travel to China is restricted or not feasible, Helios adapts to remote management strategies. We leverage technology, such as video conferencing, online collaboration tools, and remote inspections, to maintain effective communication and oversight of the procurement process. We work closely with suppliers, utilizing digital platforms and virtual meetings to manage orders, conduct inspections, and address any issues that may arise.

By entrusting your procurement management to Helios, you can benefit from our expertise, local knowledge, and extensive network in China. We ensure that your supply chain remains regular, stable, and of the highest quality, even in challenging circumstances.

Locating Reliable Suppliers and Manufacturers in China

To remain competitive and offer attractive prices, many industries worldwide have turned to discounted procurement sources in the developing world, particularly China and Southeast Asia. However, establishing a stable, efficient, and high-quality supply chain in China can be a challenging task.

There are numerous myths and concerns surrounding manufacturing and importing from China. The perceived risk and difficulty in communicating with Chinese merchants and factory owners, coupled with stories of mismatched expectations, have created a negative perception. Cultural and perceptual differences between the Chinese and Western traders and importers further contribute to these challenges.

As a result, some businesses opt to pay higher prices to European factories or become part of a multi-tier import chain, incurring additional brokerage fees, rather than directly sourcing from Chinese manufacturers.

Common Mistakes of New Importers

Importers dealing with China typically gain valuable experience over time, as they navigate the initial challenges. Mistakes such as selecting the wrong supplier, inadequate communication, unclear instructions, or excessive price negotiations often lead to disappointment and receiving goods that differ significantly from expectations.

Supplier Identification – Key to Success

Selecting the right Chinese supplier is paramount to the success of importing and trading with China. A reliable supplier will meet your goals, adhere to schedules, and prevent substantial financial losses. They will deliver products of the expected quality and specifications. Conversely, a poor supplier can damage your reputation, drain resources, waste time, and result in financial losses. A good supplier will be punctual, safeguard your reputation, and contribute to increased profitability.

How Helios Can Assist You

At Helios, we specialize in helping businesses establish successful relationships with reliable Chinese suppliers. Here’s how we can assist you:

1. Proximity and In-Depth Factory Locating:

We physically locate factories in specific industries, ensuring close proximity and a comprehensive understanding of their operations.

2. Factory Evaluation and Communication:

Our team visits factories, assesses their capabilities, and evaluates the level of cooperation and communication with the management team. We bridge the cultural and language gaps to facilitate effective communication.

3. Expertise in Chinese Business Culture:

With our understanding of Chinese business culture, we navigate negotiations effectively, covering aspects such as quantities, price, quality, delivery times, and product changes.

4. Quality Assurance and Inspection:

We conduct physical inspections to ensure product quality before delivery. In case of any malfunctions or delays, we negotiate with the factory and work towards appropriate solutions, including compensation.

5. Real-Time Delivery Monitoring:

We provide real-time monitoring of deliveries, ensuring the process proceeds smoothly and according to your requirements.

By partnering with Helios, you can overcome the challenges associated with sourcing from China and establish a reliable supply chain that meets your business needs.

Supplier Audit in Procurement

Helios recognizes the importance of conducting thorough supplier audits to ensure accurate and reliable information, mitigate risks, and establish a foundation for successful collaboration. Here’s how we approach supplier audits:

1. Initial Factory Audit:

Before starting work with a supplier, it is crucial to perform a professional audit of the factory. This involves physically visiting the factory to confirm the accuracy of the information provided. The audit covers various aspects, including:

– General data: Location, size, number of employees, and volume of activity.
– Production capabilities: Production floor space, level of mechanization, and standardization.
– Quality assurance system: Assessment of the factory’s quality control processes and procedures.
– Licensing and social conditions: Verification of necessary licenses and compliance with social standards.
– Existing clients and international markets: Evaluation of the supplier’s ability to work with specific international markets and references from existing clients.

2. Production Process Audit:

Once the production process has begun, a subsequent audit is conducted to examine the form of work, packaging, and storage. This audit ensures that goods are packed correctly, stored appropriately, and meet the required quality standards. Any defects or issues can be identified and addressed at this stage, minimizing potential damages.

3. Pre-shipment Audit:

Before approving the shipment, another audit is conducted to check the product’s compliance with the buyer’s requirements. The auditor is equipped with a physical sample of the product and compares it to the ordered specifications. They verify that the colors, dimensions, and components are accurate, and the product is properly packaged. Safety standards and specific importer requirements are also checked. The auditor provides a picture of the product for final approval before shipping.

4. Shipment Inspection and Supervision:

During the shipment itself, inspection and supervision are conducted to ensure the proper loading method, packaging condition, and accurate quantity of goods. The inspector records relevant information, such as weather conditions and container serial numbers. This step ensures that the entire shipping process proceeds smoothly and safely.

By performing these comprehensive audits and inspections, Helios aims to provide a robust quality control mechanism in the procurement process. Our audits help verify the accuracy of supplier information, identify and resolve potential issues, and ensure that the delivered products meet the required specifications and standards. This systematic approach allows for effective risk management and enhances the overall success of procurement operations.

Quality Control in Procurement

Quality control is a crucial step in the procurement process to ensure that the buyer receives the product they ordered from the supplier, meeting specifications, quantity, and most importantly, quality. Helios understands the importance of quality control in minimizing risks associated with purchasing from China. Here’s how we perform quality audits:

1. Preparation and Specification:

The examiner will have a physical sample or an electronic product portfolio of a proper and complete finished product, including a detailed specification. The buyer’s instructions based on prior knowledge and experience with the supplier are also considered. Adequate time is planned for the inspection to allow for thorough evaluation and correction of defects if discovered.

2. Cooperation and Communication:

Good cooperation between the examiner and the supplier is crucial. Helios ensures the presence of people from the supplier’s marketing department during the inspection. The physical work should be performed by the supplier’s employees, not the testers. Effective communication is maintained between the examiner, the customer, and the inspector’s back office to address any questions or provide on-the-spot confirmations.

3. Systematic Examination:

The examiner follows systematic procedures, referencing sample tables and using orderly test forms. They may photograph the goods and parts that may be problematic, sending them to the customer for evaluation. This process allows for comprehensive examination and identification of any issues.

4. Timely Corrections or Rejection:

Sufficient time is allowed for correction or rejection of the goods. It is essential to address any defects before the goods are loaded and shipped. If the inspection is conducted for urgent goods, the timing must be carefully managed to balance the need for inspection with delivery requirements.

5. Supplier Accountability:

Helios establishes a “leverage” with the supplier, ensuring that goods cannot be sent to their destination without a document signed by the inspection company. The approval of the inspection company may also be added to the documents required for a letter of credit. In cash transactions, a portion of the payment is typically withheld until the inspection is received and approved by the customer.

6. Additional In-depth Examination:

Depending on the circumstances, Helios can help arrange for more in-depth or technical examinations. This may involve engaging with laboratories in the factory area to test components or the entire production process. Professionals can be involved for specific technical testing, and samples can be sent to the customer for testing before the full shipment leaves.

By following these steps and conducting rigorous quality audits, Helios aims to ensure that the products received from the supplier meet the desired specifications and quality standards. We work closely with you to establish clear expectations and effective communication channels with the supplier, reducing the risk of receiving substandard goods and ensuring a successful procurement process.