Quality Control & Inspection Services

Maintaining quality control and open channels of communication is key to successfully sourcing in China. Helios’ long-established relationships with China’s manufacturers ensures both quality and open, effective communication. As a result, we operate as your hands-on team in China with an experienced eye toward advance factory evaluation to assure your project is serviced by the most reliable and best manufacturers to suit your company’s specific needs.

Helios’ dedicated manufacturing experts assist your company in negotiating with Chinese factories so you don’t have to be there. Our experienced staff of English-speaking project managers, engineers, and QA specialists act as liaisons to manage product sourcing as well as custom manufacturing projects. At Helios, we know both the culture and all the “ins and outs” of sourcing products in China.

Helios’ Pre-Production Inspection Service performs “due diligence” on a factory under consideration for partnership. This service provides our customers a mature view of materials preparation, tooling preparation, available machinery, labeling, production scheduling, and all arrangements for production and packaging.

Because we understand what our customers need, we add value by properly evaluating the factory and production condition from an outside perspective and are equipped to systematically break down the situation against your specifications.

During Production, Helios will check on the production process to assess time schedule effectiveness, assure that purchase order requirements and specifications are being met, and review in-house quality control measures. We’ll manage your order and work directly with your factory.

Once your order is completed, we’ll perform an Audit to assure completion according to your company’s specifications. Then, prior to shipping, Helios will conduct Pre-Shipment & Container Loading Inspections to assure that your order is shipped in quality cartons and packed into clean containers in a way that protects your goods during transit with shipping marks and quantities matching your requirements.

At Helios, we’re involved in your business. We’ll be there on your behalf, reducing the potential for errors and assuring you’ll find quality products when the container is opened.